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Friday the 13th

Friends,  take a look of the picture above. What do you think? Hehe..^^

That’s called “Friday the 13th”. Okay, don’t hurry. I’ll tell you the myth. 

  • In order to organize time, human beings created calendars.
  • As part of today’s dominant calendar system, every year is divided into 12 periods called months, consisting of roughly 30 days each.
  • All days are also grouped into sets of seven, called weeks.
  • In the Western world, a significant chunk of the population suspects bad things will happen whenever the 13th day of a month occurs on the day of the week called Friday.

Like many human beliefs, the fear of Friday the 13th (known asparaskevidekatriaphobia) isn’t exactly grounded in scientific logic. But the really strange thing is that most of the people who believe the day is unlucky offer no explanation at all, logical or illogical. As with most superstitions, people fear Friday the 13th for its own sake, without any need for background information.

The superstition does have deep, compelling roots, however, and the origins help explain why the belief is so widespread today.

To be continue…..


How’s that friends?

Ok, i’ll continue soon. ^^ So, wait for it ya!! Hehe… See ya!


With Love,

Ferlysha Junique


Genious Boy, Sho Yano  Friends, have you ever heard “Sho Yano”?

 Sho Yano matriculated into college when he was 9 years old and graduated with honors from Chicago’s Loyola University at 12. Yano attended a private elementary school for a year and a school for the highly gifted for three years. After that, he was home schooled by his mother through the 12th grade. Now he is in the M.D. PhD program at the University of Chicago. Woow…^^

That’s really curious, right? God has given him a briliant brain, so do us! 

We only have to study hard and we’ll achieve it. Prove yourself as a genius one too. There’s nothing impossible to do that if we want. ^^  

I’m waiting towards your achievements!

Catch it now! Good luck!


Warm Hugs,

Ferlysha Junique

Hello Buddies!

I am really exciting to start blogging at this wordpress.
This is the first time for me..
I’ll do my best!
Wait for my posting, ok’

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