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Always and always… This words make me worry and think too much that i cannot sleep every night. As the result, in the morning i cannot get up early to go to school. What is going on Shendy? Ok… I have tried to think easier so i can relax and fall into sleep. But, every events that i do all of the day, i mean.. the activity that i did in the past pass by my mind again. My brain can’t stop think. I wonder if i can take medicine to relax my mind. Hmm… Or… calm songs? or… bed-time story by my mom? Surely NOT cause i’m not a child anymore.

But.. But… My mind.. my brain can’t stop think bigger. When i go to bed and start to close my eyes, my brain starts to think.. think.. and think again.. i don’t know how and why. Sure, my brain always think bigger. Think about my future, replay my daily activities, dreaming about something that i want, and so on. 

Sometimes i wonder, may i think about this? i mean, about my future. I want everything, I need everything fabulous. I want to control everything. I want to do everything! May i? May i think about such that things? 

I sometimes think about the way to success in the future. That i can win the Physics Olympiad, that i can do everything that i want to do, that i’m the one who win the most special Nobel Price in Physics, that i will go to international Physics Olympiad, that i’ll be adored by everyone. My beloved  mom will proud of me, my father will count on me, my granny will be glad and so.. so everything!


I know, all that can do is following the way. The way that he has given to me. And i know, the way is a bright way, new hope, bright future in Him… Give me strengh to stand by my own legs. To do more in this earth. To prove how do Your hand-made work. To know everything and everything. Amin.




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